Saturday, March 11, 2017

Was the anus designed for anal sex?

This is a comment I received a while back in response to the "Exit Only" post.  I thought the question interesting enough that I wanted to post it, and my response on the main page.

I've found this blog, and this page in particular very interesting. Do you consider that there could be some element of design or purpose to the fit of the anus to the penis or is this just a fortunate accident? Whatever, it's reassuring to think that I'm not entirely alone in thinking along these lines. The doesn't appear to be a persuasive logical alternative, when you consider the many gynecological disorders experienced by women and the fact that the vagina actually only need to be used a very limited amount of times in order to fulfill its function. And on the other hand you have all these couples who attest that anal provides the greater pleasure for them. Why all the desire and interest if it is not a natural function? I'd love for you to explore this in another post and see if others share this view as I feel you only hinted at the possibility here.

  1. I think the function of the anus and rectum, that of retaining feces until such a time as it is to be expelled, are what make it better suited for frequent pleasurable sexual activity. The thicker, stronger muscle band around the anus cause it to be tighter, providing more stimulation, and to remain tight. Whereas the weaker, thinner muscle band of the vagina loses elasticity quickly, especially if a woman gives birth. Of course this is a common complaint of couples who practice vaginal sex.

    The rectal valves, and their ability to move closer to the anus allow them to be pushed down onto the man's cock. When done correctly, it feels similar to the most exquisite oral sex. In my experience with my wife, I think this is involuntary and happens just before and during orgasm. This stimulation is something the vagina cannot compare to and causes the man to experience more complete ejaculation.

    Speaking of more complete ejaculation, as I mentioned in the post, the rectum, being open ended also allows more complete ejaculation, as it allows the free flow of ejaculate beyond the rectal valves and into the woman's colon. The rectal valves then close as the man withdraws his cock, retaining his cum within her colon, where the beneficial compounds are best able be absorbed. Anal sex is far superior to the vagina in this regard, as the ejaculate is better retained and the colon provides for better absorption than the vagina.

    So, I don't know if the anus evolved (or was designed by a creator) for the purpose of more pleasurable sex that also enhances bonding more than that of vaginal sex. All I know is it unquestionably does.


  1. Anal sex is God's gift to mankind!

    Also have you noticed that the average turd is about the same size and shape as a penis. There are no coincidences in nature, everything has a purpose.

    1. Johny,

      Let me first say I'm a fan of yours on Xhamster.

      I have often pointed out, to those who say the penis will cause damage to the rectum, that the average size penis and average size bowel movement are about the same size.

      It's like those people who say the vagina is better for sex because the lining is thicker and stronger. Well, hell yes it is thicker and stronger, it has to be to fulfill it's purpose, to deliver a baby. That doesn't necessarily equate to it being better for sex. The rectum's only needs to stretch enough to expel feces and accommodate a man's penis, which it can do with ease. Not only can it stretch to accommodate even the thickest penis, the open ended structure of the rectum can better accommodate a longer one as well. And, unlike the vagina, where the man's penis is often jammed up against the back of the vaginal wall, the open ended rectum allows ejaculate to flow freely from the penis, providing more complete ejaculation and a more satisfying orgasm.

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