Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anal Only Lifestyle Forums

There is a new forum dedicated to the discussion of the anal only lifestyle.  I always wanted to start a forum, as it allows more interaction then a BLOG, but time never permitted.  Now someone else has.  It can be found at:

I highly encourage anyone interested in discussing (or just reading) more about the anal only lifestyle to take a look.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exit Only?

In response to the last post I received the following:

"It's an exit not an entrance. His wife is obviously suffering enough without making her do something painful and unnatural. Many people have discovered to their cost too late how harmful this activity can be, you only have to speak to any doctor about it.  This woman needs counselling and support not abuse."

Oh please, many women find anal sex a pleasurable alternative to vaginal when health issues cause vaginal sex to be uncomfortable.

As far as the, "It's an exit" argument, what is there about the design of the anus and rectum that makes one assume this?  To the contrary, if you look at the below illustration, which is shaped more like a penis, the vagina or the rectum?  Which one is open ended and looks like it could accommodate a larger penis?  The vagina is closed ended.  It can be uncomfortable or even painful for a woman if a man hits the back wall of her vagina during intercourse.  If a man ejaculates while the head of his penis is against the wall of the vagina, it can be difficult to ejaculate fully.  He may even experience a retrograde ejaculation, where semen is forced into the urinary tract.  As the rectum is open ended, the man can penetrate the woman fully and experience complete ejaculation.  As well, as the rectum is tighter, the woman can feel each surge of the man as he ejaculates.

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As my wife and I have been having anal sex for nearly 22 years, I'm just wondering when this harm will come to her?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reader Letter: Substitute Anal for Vaginal?

An anonymous reader recently sent me this:

"I have a question or two that I haven't found the answers to here or anywhere else. My wife unable to have vaginal sex at all do to severe medical complications, a situation which has put extreme strain on our marriage. Is it possible that anal sex would make a satisfactory substitute in our relations?  Two issues really concern me. Is it really possible for women to genuinely enjoy anal sex? As I don't want her to be suffering, but to be able to look forward to sex as much as she used to. The other question is if so will she want to or be able to have sex as often as she likes?"
I sincerely believe anal sex is the answer you and your wife have been looking for. I don't think that you'll think of it as a substitute for vaginal sex, but as something even more intimate.  Anal sex requires more trust, and that you be in tune with one another's bodies more so than vaginal sex.

I can assure you that, properly introduced, your wife can enjoy anal sex even more than she did vaginal sex.  Once her body adjusts, she will be able to have anal sex as often as the two of you would like.  My wife and I have exclusively had anal sex three to five times a week for over six years now.  Prior to that, we usually started with vaginal sex then ended with anal.  In our 22 years of marriage, we've had far more anal sex than vaginal because we find it far more intimate and enjoyable.

Please keep me updated and let me know if you need any advice on introducing anal to her and helping her adjust.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Five Years and Counting

I know it's been a long time since I posted an update.

Last July marked five years since my wife and I decided to forgo vaginal sex altogether, instead opting to have anal sex.  In that time, we've maintained our thee to five times a week schedule.  She's not as amorous during PMS or during her period, but usually manages to get her ass off on my cock three times a week even then. 

It seems incredible to us that more couples don't, at least, practice anal sex on a regular basis.  In the time I've had this BLOG I've communicated with about a dozen couples who only practice anal sex, and a couple dozen more who incorporate it in their lovemaking each time.  There do seem to be a lot of couples who have anal sex about 50% of the time though.  Interestingly enough, this is the average in some places, such as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I do think anal sex is at least gaining more popularity.  Perhaps it's due to the prevalence of anal sex in porn.  Perhaps it's due to more societal acceptance.  Whatever the case, more and more couples are incorporating anal sex into their lovemaking. 

Statistics show that at least 46% of women have tried anal sex, and nearly 33% report having it regularly.  Yet, a Journal of Sexual Medicine survey found that, of those women having vaginal sex in their last encounter, 65% reached orgasm.  Of those receiving oral sex it was 81%.  But of those receiving anal sex, 94% reported reaching orgasm.

So, why aren't more couples practicing anal sex if it's the best way to achieve orgasm?  I think it comes down to this quote by Toni Bentley:

"A man must have confidence in himself and his cock, to fuck a woman in the ass. If he does not have this control, his cock will direct the action; he will move too quickly, hurt the once-willing woman, and rarely, rightly, will he be given a second chance."

If done correctly, anal sex can be a more pleasurable experience than vaginal.  However, done incorrectly (especially until the female is able to achieve orgasm though anal sex), and anal sex will be equated to an unpleasurable experience in her mind that will take much to overcome.  I think the number of couples who regularly engage in anal sex would be at least double. 

Taking your time, listening to her and to what her body is telling you, and lube are all keys to successful anal sex.  You shouldn't expect to have full penetration the first time you try anal sex.  The first time my wife and I had anal, we both orgasmed when my head "popped" past her spinchter.  It took a week of daily sex sessions before she could accept me fully.  I am fortunate in that she easily reached orgasm each time.  In short time, anal sex was a regular part of our lovemaking.

Social conditioning is one of the hardest things to overcome when it comes to most women enjoying anal sex.  Even more, I believe she needs to desire anal sex before attempting it.  If she's open to watching porn, some of the couple oriented anal movies may go a long way to putting her at ease that anal sex is just another form of sexual expression.  If not, subtle fondling of her ass during vaginal intercourse or oral sex will heighten her desire.  Hopefully, her body language will let you know she wants more.  I hope to post more about this in the near future.

Hopefully the trend toward anal sex with continue and more couple will learn to enjoy the ultimate orgasm through anal sex.  Toni  Bently put it this way:

“I am sitting on the threshold. Perhaps this is the final paradox of God’s paradoxical machinations: my ass is my very own back door to heaven. The Pearly Gates are closer than you think.”

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Three Years and Counting

As of last July it's been three years that my wife and I have been having exclusively anal sex. During that time we've had anal sex nearly 700 times (684 to be exact). And, her ass is just as tight as the first time I fucked it. Neither one of us has any interest in vaginal sex anymore. To us, anal sex is just that much better.

Not to gross anyone out here, but I thought it would be interesting to figure out just how much cum I've shot in her ass in that amount of time. Taking the conservative measure of a tablespoon of cum per load, multiplied by 684, that's more than 2.6 gallons of cum I've pumped in my wife's ass in that amount of time. That's more than 9 liters for my friends on the metric system.

My wife still prefers to ride my cock while sitting cowgirl, but she has also come to enjoy being pounded hard and deep in the missionary position, with her legs almost behind her head. This is something I could never do in her vagina, as I always bottomed out, causing her pain. She has no problem taking my entire cock balls deep in her ass though.

So, once again, anyone concerned that anal sex is somehow going to wear your lady's asshole out, or that you will make her sick cumming in her ass, there is no reason for concern. My wife and I are living proof. I just hope others can learn to enjoy the intimacy anal sex provides.

Porno Pet Peeve

Why do you have to watch 10 minutes of pussy fucking to see 5 minutes of anal in most anal themed movies? Those watching these movies do so to see anal sex. Which brings me to another point - the oral cumshot. What the fuck is up with this? People watch an anal sex movie to see anal sex, right up to the end. I love seeing the guy's cock throb as he pumps his load into the lady's ass - just the way it should be. And who can deny seeing cum running out of a woman's freshly fucked ass is one of the most beautiful sites to behold. So, if you're a porn producer reading this, keep the cocks and cum where they belong - deep in the woman's ass.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Favorite Email

Just for laughs, I thought I would post an email I received recently:

"Anal sex is wrong. You must be retarded to think its normal. Your wifes ass is going to wear out and she will be wearing diapers and shitting herself or get some disease. You must be a fag anyway to only want anal sex. I hope you get dick rot and your cock falls off. "

Hey, most of this stuff is covered below, but I thought I would post my response publicly, as this jackass posted anonymously.

Why exactly is anal sex wrong? Because you think it is? As my wife and I have anal sex all the time, it's certainly normal for us. As well, I've talked to other couples who have more anal sex then vaginal. So, for them, anal sex is normal as well.

When exactly is my wife's ass going to wear out? I just ask, as we've been married for 19 years, and having regular anal sex for about 18 of those. For the past three years we've practiced anal sex exclusively. We've had anal sex more than 700 times in the last three years alone, and my wife's ass is just as tight as the first time.

As for her getting a disease, as I don't have one, and don't sleep around, I would like to know how she's going to get some disease? I've cum in her ass every time, and she's never experienced a problem.

As far as being a "fag" for prefering anal sex, I'm assuming you think I'm homosexual? As I married someone of the opposite sex, and only desire to have sex with her, I think there's a problem with that theory. But, then again, you're probably not smart enough to understand that.

If you could only have one form of sex for the rest of your life, what would it be?

When having anal sex where do you cum?

How often would you have anal sex?